Husam was surrounded by more than ten people. By the look in their face, you can guess that something is brewing. Than one by one, they reveal their parang, machete, dagger and even sledgehammer. By then, Husam knows he is in deep trouble. Sweating, he still tries to read few verse from the Holy Quran to calm himself and seek the protection from Al Mighty. Husam stumble with his words but remain calm.

The ten thugs move forward as though they are ready to give the progressive politician his final blow.

“God is Great! God Is Great!” Shout Husam.

On our way to PUTIK yesterday, Husam received a call from a lady, who related to Husam her terrifying nightmare. She was jolted from her bad dream early that morning and was crying. At the end of the petrifying conversation, she managed to pull herself together and told Husam, “Sa, mung  tok soh risau, ilmu mung cukup doh, mung lawe demo tu semuo (Sa (Husam), you need not worry, your heart is full of knowledge, fight them intelligently)

Later in the afternoon, Husam shared the bad dreams with his constituents whom attended the Majlis Penyampaian Manfaat Pelan Takaful Kifaalah organised by Tabung Amanah Tok Kenali. Husam seek their permission to engage any battle that might come his way. “Please lend me your support. Don’t let they kill me, this journey still long way to go”.