What do half-past-six people do? They talk billions! When I wrote my TV Movie Earl Grey Dan Kopi Kampung, I met a guy in Baling, Kedah, whom they called Wahab Juta.

I only need five minutes with him to understand how he got the glorious name in Baling. Every time he opens his mouth, he must talks millions. One-million-ringgit project here, three-million-ringgit project there and so on. But, nothing actually happened.

I found his character is amazing and I created a character for the TV Movie called Dollah Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

Yesterday, while attending Tun Dr. Mahathir’s speech in Grand Riverview Hotel in Kota Bharu, Tun talked about another Dollah. This Dollah has close resemblance with Wahab Juta. However he is one thousand times bigger in digit compares to Wahab.

This Dollah always talks in Billions, nothing less than a billion. He is Dollah Who Wants to be a Billionaire. This Dollah is our Prime Minister.

One billion-ringgit here, forty-billion-ringgit there, hundred of billion-ringgit everywhere. His latest is three-billion-ringgit for Kelantan. But hello, where is the money? Show me the money Dollah! Oops… has he shown us the trillion ringgit?

My Dollah Who Wants to be a Millionaire does not even own a decent kapcai bike despites his million ringgit talk and our Dollah Who Wants to be a Billionaire does not even owns a house in Perth. Every time he goes for holiday in Perth, he has to stay at a house owns by a Chinese lady.

My Dollah Who Wants to be a Millionaire has sidekick named Mat Sekupang who does not actually worth a penny, while our Dollah has a son in law which we all love to kick many many times.

Perhaps, its time to write another TV Movie.

By the way, I wrote my analysis on Tun’s speech in Kelantan here.