Starbucks Plaza Damas 16:25, I have been here for almost an hour. Where the hell are you? 

“You can better than that, sheih.  You are working in the PAS government. Is this the best  that you can produce for your five figure monthly salary? Sedih ambo, membazir duik rakyak.  Just to make posters, insult people with posters, and call names. Apa punya Public Relation work? Where is the information dissemination and telling the truth? It takes a bodoh berok to know and call someone else orang hutan or menyok! I am watching you. You use to make up stories about us, right? We remember.  P/S Will you be deleting this post now? Hehehhee …” Message from “Watching You” claimed email IP 

The above comment was posted in my posting The Reason Why on May 4, 1:12PM (during Friday Prayer)

This is the second comment from a person using PDRM’s name here and there to trying to threaten me. The first one does not go through by my Akismet Spam, for a reason I do not know. Nevertheless upon reading the message on my spam section, I choose not to publish it as it contained messages that can be perceived as derogatory to the Police Force.

I hereby called upon the necessary authority to clam down on such commentors who are using this sort of modus operandi and trying to instill fear amongst bloggers towards the PDRM as though PDRM are in blackmailing business.

Dear Watching You, stop talk cock and stop watching me, if you have ball(s) come and meet me. I will be at Starbucks Plaza Damas waiting for you at three thirty today (Friday 4th May 2007).

If you need to see my bank statement, I can also arrange it for you. So see you there!