Isu Lojing : Berguru Kepalang Ajal 


I missed Rifqi’s dentist appointment this morning. Damn! My communicator screws me up. It supposed to remind me of the appointment but perhaps, it was my mistake for trusting the artificial intelligent more than my own self. At the end of the day, there is nothing intelligent about any of the A.I, if we do not program it intelligently.


We then went to Atria in Damansara Jaya to repair my kidos PS2. Only to realise that when we reached there, we do not bring the PS2. Nevertheless, Al, Rifqi, Ryan, Qistina and me managed to have our favourite Hainanese Chicken Rice there.


Earlier in the morning, Qistina damaged my new Digital Camera which my wife bought me last week. It is now totally out of service. In the evening, my football session with Rifqi and the rest of the kids here stopped prematurely due to heavy rain and lightning.


This is surely one quality weekend. Ha ha ha.


Tonight we are going to have our usual Saturday night ritual in Hartamas Square. Two weeks ago, while having our dinner there, we were approached by one beautiful lady wearing red t-shirt, asking graciously if I am ‘the Kickdefella’. I was so occupied attending to the kidos to even say anything to her accept for admitting, ‘yes, I am the kickdefella’. She was so surprised to see me organizing the food for my three sons that even she became speechless. Deep inside, I should have gone a step further by asking her name, at least. Forgive me my lady! However, thank you for kicking with me.


Meanwhile, I have been busy asking around for any suitable candidates to fill 2 positions in Kuala Lumpur. While one position is for non-Muslim and the other for a Muslim, both must possessed at least basic IT and PR knowledge, good communications and writing skills in English and Bahasa Melayu any other language like Arab and Mandarin will be a bonus (Not compulsary). These two positions are only for Male candidates. Any takers? Email me at

Signing off from Kuala Lumpur.