Husam showing the letter to the press. Behind wearing kopiah putih is YB Dato’ Hj. Ahmad B. Hj. Yakob, Deputy Chief Minister of Kelantan. 

This news may never see the light in the mainstream media.

First, a parliamentary Secretary for Federal Ministry sent sms (short message system) to Kelantan’s state leaders requesting them to take a helicopter to Lojing which was already being prepared by someone.

Second, a Parliamentary Secretary for Federal Ministry send sms(es) to Senior State Officer asking for all sort of letters, documents and records to be sent to him.

Even as a person who hated protocol and paperwork, I find this action as arrogant and absurd.

The state’s officers are under a lot of stress by the action of requesting things without using proper channel.

Welcome the Kelantan!

Please MalaysiaToday  Annuar Musa’s Foot in Mouth.


Don’t talk about other letter, this letter dated 26 March tells everthing!


I will take BN MPs for Japanese dinner if they can show you the ‘letter’ – Husam


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