Dearest Chai Kee,

Tonight I am blogging in my house in KL. I arrived around seven this evening.  I actually felt sad leaving Kelantan after such a memorable day. Nevertheless, I am so happy to be able to hug my kidos again.

This afternoon I followed YB Dato’ Husam to Kampong Cina one more time and he brought with him a special give to brother Kang Bee Chuan. I felt so happy watching brother Bee Chuan smiling again. How I wish I have lots of money and can make everybody smile.

Husam is not a rich man. But he is one lucky fella. His is in power and have the opportunity to serve the people. To have power is a good alternative to having lots of money. Yet, most people want to have both. They want money to keep them in power. They want power because they want to make lots of money.

As for now, I am wondering, how many simple citizens of Malaysia are smiling with the purchase of Airbus Corporate Jet, The Cobra Sultan, The Patrick’s wife resident for Pak Lah in Perth and The Monsoon Cup?

I know my kids did not smile with all those stuff above. I know I am not smiling too.

However what happen in Kampong Cina today, surely make a lot of people smile.

I know you are smiling too.