Dearest Chai Kee,

What can I say, this city never sleeps.

Last night, Bro Jasny brought me to have roti bakar at Kampong Sireh. The bread toasted on charcoal and served with planta and kaya. There must be about hundred patrons waiting for the delicacy. You must have something similar to that in Taipei. Nevertheless, it is not the toasted bread that allured me but the manner all the small businesses has mushroomed over the years.

I have to say, Kota Bharu has change a lot compared to those days went I were trying to seduce you to meet me in Suntoo.

I hardly recognised some parts of Kota Bharu. Plenty of office buildings everywhere and trust me if I say there is more than ten supermarkets and hypermarkets within the 20km radius.  It was almost midnight when Bro Jasny brought me to Wakaf Che Yeh. I was surprised to see hundreds of stall selling almost anything under the sun. The place is an open air night market and they call it Pasar Borong Wakaf Che Yeh. The businesses start operating after dusk and cease only in wee hours. It is almost on the same model and scale of the Uptown market in Damansara Utama which has now moved to somewhere towards Damansara Perdana (?).

My conclusion is the Kelantan Government has successfully adopting the right economic model that helped the economy of the state to generate more incomes for the people. When you see that people choose to go out for supper and shopping until late night rather than having the comfort of dreaming on bed, it can only mean this, they have the money!

While I am still waiting for Pak Lah to show me the money, the Kelantanese are enjoying theirs. Where are all this money came from? We all know that the state account is shrinking on daily basis due to lots of financial discriminations by the federal government. We all know that the federal development fund for the state are being banked straight into UMNO Kelantan’s account and the state government can only dream of such money to be passed to them at later stage. We all know that Pak Lah’s advisors will wake that sleepy head up every time foreign funders willing to invest in Kelantan. Pak Lah then will be forced by their advisor to stop the fund from reaching Kelantan in interest of the UMNO future in the state.So, where is this money coming from?

We all know that Kelantan Government is not allowed to enter into the lucrative business of logging even though their counterparts in other 12 states are laughing all the way to the bank via these logging things. One timber in Kelantan worth tens of pages and airtime hours of bashing by the UMNOs. As a communication man, I would love to advise the state to fell more tress so we will have more publicity in Kali-stream medias and Mediaprima-stream tvs. Good publicity or bad publicity doesn’t matter. Yup, it is not important whether the cat is white or black, what matter is it catches the tikus!

For that, we would love to thanks Sazmi the Back-Stabber-Annuar-Arse Miah for opening his big mouth. Unfortunately I do not have my Adobe Photoshop to honour his contribution with a well deserved poster. Nevertheless I will have it ready before the election. Rest assured.Dearest Chai Kee,

I hate to say this because I do not want to be misunderstood as kissing somebody’s end. But it is a matter of fact that the economic model that managed to overcome years of failure is shouldered by someone. Somebody is responsible for this success.

Husam Musa is the chairman for the Public Administration, Economic Planning, Finance and Social Development committee. It is crystal clear that this success due to some awakening moments and ideas within the committee that he headed for the last three years. It cannot be coincidence that all this positive development only made it ways during the last two years.

My Chai Kee,

As bro Jasny was driving me home, the radio played Isabella. The memory of you and me on the Sultan Ismail College somewhere in April 1989 suddenly creeps and lingers in my mind.

It was midnight and Mat Min, Johar and me were busy putting our finishing touched on our Pintu Gerbang for the sports day. I took a brief stare at you and I saw you were busy talking to Che Yo (short form for buaya), the playboy of Jalan Telipot. How I wished it was me whom enjoying the moment under the full moon with you.

Suddenly, the song Isabella just echoed from a distance mini-compo. That moment lingers until today.

Last night, as I breathe the same air, under the same moon, the same song, again, just brought me closed to the unfinished chapter about us.

Now I realized, no matter how Kelantan has changed, there is something that will never change. It will never change. Never. Trust me.