Dearest Chai Kee,

Landed at Sultan Ismail Petra’s Airport around eight last night. Bro Jasny was already there waiting to see me. He is a young ambitious man. He drove me for our dinner in Pengkalan Chepa.

It is so strange that I found a lot of building unseen before mushrooming in Pengkalan Chepa. The last time I was in Kelantan was a fortnight ago. Perhaps I was too busy bashing Annuar Musa while passing that road.

But, yes Pengkalan Chepa is no more Pengkalan Chepa that I used to remember. Where me and my schoolmate from Sains Kelantan used to terrorize before.

Just one problem here, everybody wanted to talk politics with me. Hey! I am no politician. I have no interest in politics. I am a kampong boy having my great time coming back to my home town. Please do not kill me yet. At least the UMNO goons do spare me.

By the way, I am typing this posting at a hotspot zone in Kota Bharu. Digital era really has had its fair share on the state. This is going to be the wireless city or at least a part of it. I will make this city the wireless city and call it The Digital Islamic City.

Remember the old Chinese restaurant near the Telipot junction? I had my breakfast there. Hope to drop by at Sultan Ismail College one of this day because my brother Siva from United State wanted me to search to Cikgu Yusuf for him? Remember Cikgu Yusuf? He is our sport teacher. He drove that rugged four-wheeler. He once drove your to the stadium for your 100 Meter sprint at the MSSK.

My wife bought me a brand new digital camera so I can take as many photographs of Kota Bharu as I could and try to persuade her to change her heart. Big Dog had openly betting that I am going to get a second wife here and you know, Al and Rifqi had started singing the Indonesia song, Ratapan Si Anak Tiri from one of the Indonesian soap. Surely, some amazing will happens but not in that direction.

Monsterball and Shar 101 are worried of how this separation will affects the young kidos of mine, and my celebrity wife.  Well, we have faced a lot of challenge before and we survived.

Let us leave that issue for our next email. As for now, this is Sheih and I am signing off from the Digital Islamic City.