Dear Rocky,


Thank you for all your support for showing me the light at the end of the tunnel. Now, I have reached the end of the tunnel and about to make my detour to the unfamiliar territory.

Last night I received this sms from bro Bakaq of Penarik Beca, the terrain there is not that smooth!. He has arranged for Wan Joe of to help build my networking there.

It looks like fellowship of the net that keeping me alive in KL will continue in KB. Bro Jasny, a future blogger has offered to pick me at the airport tonight. We haven’t met before this, but come to know each other through my blog.

Please send my regards to all bloggers and do take care of my Papa Monsterball for me. Thank you for the farewell party which you, Big Dog, I Am A Malaysian, Jalan Sudin, Zorro, A Voice, Mat Salo and all had organized.

I will work on building a networking of Bloggers and Webmasters in Kelantan as a gift to All Blogs.