Sheih kicking the small goal

Hearing Tun Ling Liong Sik’s speech on the moments that created Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman was implausible. Tun Ling still has the fire in him. He talks fondly about Tun Mahathir’s effort and vision that made UTAR a reality.


Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman is the fast growing university with sky-high ambition. I have no doubt that once they moved to their heavenly main campus in Kampar; they will be the best private IPTS.


Everybody were surprised that I really looking forward to move there. Once they stamp their mark in Kampar, it is matter of years that they will beat Universiti Institut Teknologi Mara and USM in producing the quality-Broadcasting students.


Even the first short film produced by UTAR’s students has beaten all other graduate’s films from the establish university in recent film festival.


UTAR’s willingness to invest heavily into high quality prosumers camera and editing technology proved that they are a serious player. UTAR is also the first University to be equipped with professional screenwriting software, which is Final Draft. Currently, UTAR is building the television studio in their main campus in Kampar. I believe this will be the jewel of the Broadcasting department.


Once the Broadcasting department moves to Kampar somewhere within the next three years, there will be no looking back. By then, it might be too late for UITM and USM. UTAR will be sprinting fast towards the finishing line as the most advance and highly equip centre for Film and Broadcasting Education in the region.


While the administrators and lecturers of the public university busy occupying their time with office politics and back-stabbing, My friends in UTAR, Mr. Thinavan, Dr. Sham, Mr. Beh Chun Chee, Ms. Leong Wai Kit, Ms. Maizurah and Mr. Azizul are busy preparing themselves to lead the way in producing first class students.


There used to be my name besides those glorious heroes of UTAR. Sadly, that is not the case anymore. But one day, I shall be back.  But for now, Heaven can wait.


Thank you UTAR for giving me the opportunity to understand what life is as a minority. Thank you UTAR for giving me the chance to rub shoulders with the future Malaysian John Woo, Ang Lee and Wong Kar Wai.


Thank you UTAR for paving me the ability to look deep into my own self and ask the question, who am I?