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Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz a.k.a Kickdefella


I remembered well, standing in front of the 85 students early in the January’s Semester. My name is Syed Azidi and I am your new friend, I told them while introducing the Screenplay & Scriptwriting and the Television Production I paper, and you are all my friends, I continued. I can still hear their laughter upon hearing my introduction.


They were the second batch of students that were under me since I joined Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman in September 2006. I never expected that they shall be the last batch as I always planned to be in this wonderful institution until 2026.


Yesterday, I stood in front of them and said, I hope you all have learned something from me, at least, as much as I have learned from all of you. Yesterday will be forever my last session with them. I knew now how upset they were upon hearing me leaving UTAR for a new position in Kelantan. In their eyes, I could see that they felt that I have betrayed the friendship we have built all along.


The class finished half an hour early as I was trying hard to rush out from the classroom before my emotion took over me. Damn, they just would not let me go. First they insisted on a group photograph, then, they wanted me to take picture with each of them. I was trying hard to be in command of myself. I cannot be letting them see the tears that I am holding. They always considered me as the cool, rugged and macho dude. I cannot let them see the sentimental part of me.


During my first day in UTAR, I was briefed on the things that I shouldn’t be getting myself into. Now I knew, this is the reason for it. They are as attached to me as I am to them. God.


Earlier that Friday morning, we watched In The Mood for Love by the maestro Wong Kar Wai. This deep and lovely movie really mystified my emotion. After the screening I told them, promise me, ten years from now or after your are married, watch this movie again, that will make them fully understand why this movie is critically acclaim as the finest love story ever made in Asia. It is highly recommended that you all watch this movie, especially you, Mr. Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong.


As I brisk myself out of the classroom, the tune of Nat King Cole’s Quizas, Quizas, Quizas was looping in my ears. Just in time for my last step out, I felt tears on my cheek. Once I heard the door closed, I turned and looked at them through the glass.  The past is something I could see, but not touch.