I received very good news this morning. My brother, Anon. From Miri of Clemfour will fly down to KL from Miri to attend Bloggers meeting. I also got the confirmation from Rocky that my sis, Susan Loone is also flying in from Bangkok. Others who have confirmed their attendance are Raja Petra Kamaruddin of Malaysia Today, Sang Kelembai, Malaysiakini, Zorro, Jeff Ooi, Centre of Independent Journalist, 3540 Jalan Sudin, KMU, Gen M plus many snipers and Penembak Badak.


Unfortunately, my Bro Black in Korea and Surat Dalam Botol from Penang will not be able to join us. However, their spirit will be with us.

5 April 2007 will be written in history of the blogosphere, where an official bloggers movement or bloggers alliance will be formed. A pro tem committee will be elected and we will proceed with the necessary documentation to register it with the Registrar of Society. 

All bloggers are welcome to attend the meeting which will be held in the evening of 5 April 2007. For all bloggers who wish to attend the meeting, please email me for more details.

The whole week was tiring for me. As the result, I have missed Rocky’s and Jeff’s court appearances. I also missed my favourite mee rebus session on Tuesday.

New Job 

I was in Kelantan on Tuesday to finalise few details regarding my employment. It was very hectic but I am very satisfied with the outcome. I only managed to spend forty minutes with my mum. She waited to have lunch with me and we at last managed to have our lunch with budu durian at five in the evening. Nevertheless she was very happy.

At the airport, my cousin was waiting to brief me on the Lojing issues. I manage to see some video footage which he and his UMNO buddies had shot a day earlier in Lojing. He also presented me with some stunning information on the ownership of certain hundred acres of land there.

For those who are curious about Lojing, you can drive there by taking the PLUS highway heading towards North. You need to take the Simpang Pulai interchange and take the new route to Cameron Highlands via Pos Slim. Lojing is more or less about two hours from KL. The road is good and it will take you straight to Gua Musang via Bertam. That route is always my choice whenever I drive back to Kelantan. For those four-wheeler kakis, they will surely know the area well.

Lojing will be one of the issues that I would love to tackle once I begin my employment in Kelantan. I hope to keep updating more about Lojing on this blog. I will also going to start a new blog which will be in Bahasa Malaysia.  Meanwhile I would like to welcome fellow Malaysians who wish to work in Kelantan. There are lots of openings especially under the communications and multimedia section. Please email me for further details.

I will report to work in Kelantan on the 15 April 2007. That reminds me that I have to take my oath in front of a judge. Waiyaaa… All this while I thought you angkat sumpah in front of the Commissioner of Oath.  How naïve I am. So Rocky and Jeff, eat your heart out. I am overtaking you on this.

Bloggers Retreat to Kelantan 

My brother Penarik Beca and I are planning for a three days two nights bloggers retreat in Kelantan.  We planned to take our fellow bloggers to visit Kelantan and for them to blog on what ever issue that they wishes to blog about Kelantan.  I hope my Bro Zorro will be able to join the entourage because budu will be served as part of the main menu. I wish to nominate Rocky as the head of the entourage.