“Excessive logging at Lojing Highlands, involving 32,000 hectares of forest, was raised by Parliamentary Secretary to the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry Datuk Sazmi Miah who asked DOE to put a stop to the ecological destruction there” (Bernama). 

When Sazmi Miah brought out the issue last week, was his intention actually to attack the State Government of Kelantan, or was he trying to backstab Annuar Musa, of UMNO? 

“We suspect that the loggers felt that they were protected by powerful people in the state administration and took advantage of the situation to fell trees at will,” Sazmi said. So Sazmi, tells us the truth. Tells all Kelantanese the truth nothing but the truth. Several of your claims and several of your evidences have been refuted by Haji Dahlan Taha, The Director of State Forestry Department, whom you claim to be with you on the helicopter.  

Sazmi, Kelantanese know you are not that smart to ever think of killing to birds with one stone – which is killing PAS and Annuar Musa of UMNO at the same time. Do you actually know the truth, Sazmi? Or do you actually want the truth to be unveiled? If that is so, why?  

Is Annuar Musa ready to face the truth? On my way to the airport in Pengkalan Chepa, I heard a lot from my cousin whom a day earlier visited Lojing with few UMNO friends. Very interesting information I got from him. It makes me wonder, Is Sazmi playing Russian Roulette with Annuar Musa.  

Or Sazmi is hitting Annuar from behind via PAS.  Wonderful. Welcome to the UMNO Kelantan’s circus. No tiger show, only clowns! Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the world of UMNO in Kelantan!