Known as Saladin in the West, Salahudeen al Ayubi was born in 1138 in Tikrit. Saladin, a Kurdish warrior, became the Sultan of Egypt and known as a champion of Islam. Salahudeen became a legend in the East and West for his role in clearing the Crusaders from Jerusalem. His capture of Jerusalem, and the Muslim triumph that followed, gave him a remarkable place in the pages of history.


The rise of a new, unified Islamic state centered in Egypt was accomplished by the skilled leadership of Saladin.

The First Crusade captured Jerusalem in June 1099, amid a horrible massacre of the inhabitants. In 1174, Saladin began his expansion of his territory. In just twelve years, he conquered Damascus, Alleppo, and Iraq. Saladin united the efforts of Egypt and Baghdad, and preached to the Muslim world to rise in a Jihad, a Holy War, a counter crusade, of all the Muslims against the Christians. Gathering a large force of Muslims of various groups, called Saracens by the Christians, Saladin set out to attack the Christians. Saladin attacked the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem in 1187, and after three months of fighting, he gained control of the city (More)

Salahuddin Ayub, 44, hails from Pontian, Johor. He has been involved in politics for 25 years. He joined PAS in 1981 and quickly rose through the ranks. He is presently a member of parliament of Kubang Kerian, Kelantan. He is also the PAS Youth chief.

Salahuddin first received a diploma in Business studies from TAR College via a distance-learning programme (1983), while he was working as a bank officer. He later completed a Bachelor of Science in Human Development from University Putra Malaysia in 2000. (More)


Last night, I am lucky to have the chance to have my supper with the latter Salahuddin.  YB Salahuddin arrived at my comfort zone within the boundary of my UMNO Branch accompanied with Blogger Penarik Beca and Bro Wan Joe of Kampung Laut.

As our supper was served by the roadside, I have to tolerate the interferences from almost everyone of the passerby who instantly recognised this warrior of Kubang Kerian.

Contrary to his predecessor in PAS, Salahuddin is a soft spoken, mild manner and cultured gentleman. Salahuddin preferred to be the one who asks the questions and listens to the answers rather than having questions thrown at him.

This is no more about the person who won the election on the sentiment of “Membangun Bersama Islam”. This is the person with the burning desired in regards of modernization. In fact, this reflects the new ideology of the ruling party that since 1990 governed the state of Kelantan. Alongside with the ever-popular Husam Musa, the Kelantanese are now staring at the paradigm shift in the ruling party.

About 100,000 of the electors for Kelantan are currently the metropolitans who lived in the big cities like Kuala Lumpur. This paradigm shift will reflect positively on these potential electors. These metropolitan Kelantanese are now suffering in those big cities due to the rigidness of economic policies by the federal government. When the day comes, they will have to decide whether to keep the current ruling party that will be under new and farsighted leadership or voted for uncertainties by electing the UMNO back to power.

The choice will be very clear. Either they vote for the new generation of leader that was generated upon the humbleness and moderation by the pragmatic Tok Guru Nik Aziz or to vote the party that is blitzkrieg with internal crisis and backstabbing histories.

The metropolitan Kelantanese will have to decide whether after the Election Day they are going to leave their parents to be governed by Husam Musa or to be ruled by Annuar Musa.

The metropolitan Kelantanese will have to decide whether to have the new government being supervised by the Spiritual Leader Tok Guru Nik Aziz or to be obedient to another Patrick Badawi.

If Husam Musa will be the next MB of Kelantan, we probably going to see Kelantan to be the outsource centre for multimedia works such as animation, but, if Annuar Musa to run Kelantan, we probably see RM300 million being splash on an International Wayang Kulit Cup organized by no other than another Kamaludin Abdullah’s cousin.

Do we want to leave the future of our parents in the hand of the Oxford breed Khairy Jamaluddin?  In 1999, 70,000 metropolitan Kelantanese whom were transported back to their home state by UMNO-paid-buses decided to bite the hands that paid for their transports for the sake of the dignity of their land they proudly called negeri Cik Siti Wan Kembang.

Comes tomorrow we are going to see more that 100,000 metropolitans Kelantanese, again going to be transported back to their home state by what is already planned by Khairy Jamaluddin for the ballot day exodus.

Yes, winning Kelantan is top of the menu for the sleeping Prime Minister.

Winning Terengganu was a trophy for him (and his son, Kamaluddin). Winning Kelantan will make Abdullah Haji Ahmad immortals. By winning Kelantan, Malaysians will have to resign to the fact that, the most eligible bachelor of Malaysia will have the chance to run our country for as long as he desires.

By winning Kelantan, no one in UMNO will ever going to question the legitimacy of the man’s premiership.

By winning Kelantan, Abdullah can sleeps all the way for the coming 75 minutes of his football match as the captain of Malaysia and from time to time, he can snore out loud that he undid what Mahathir did in his premiership.

“Mahathir had lost Kelantan, and I, Abdullah Badawi win it back for UMNO”.

So, as for now, Husam Musa is standing tall by the corridor of power in Kelantan waiting for his turn to lead the country by the comfort of knowing my brother Salahuddin “Saladin al Ayubbi” will be there as his warlord.  But when tomorrow comes, only the metropolitan Kelantanese are able to decide the destiny for these few good brothers.

I hardly finished my soup that I had for supper last night. Nevertheless, I am happy to see Salahuddin finishes his. At least it is a sign that he is not losing his appetite over what I put to him.

Will Kelantan going to be ruled by the same party again come next election? Salahuddin just smiled.

Will Husam be the next MB of Kelantan? Ooppss sorry bro, that was meant to be off the record.