As I stood and stared at the sunset, my mind was still very much disturbed by the contents of the brown envelope. Am I being trapped? How am I going to rationalize what I have read? Have my Badak been compromised?

I am cursed by this so call intelligence’s report.

I remembered well the story about Hassan Al Banna and how he preached about God in those nightclubs in The Suez. That is the only way I can put logic into the action of my Badak going into the casino in Perth on the New Year’s Eve in 2006. Nevertheless, Hassan Al Banna was not searching for Al Ghazalli, or did he?

Why my pursue for this Al Ghazalli brought me to the casino? Why did my Badak get intoxicated while searching for Al Ghazalli? Was my Badak’s drink being spiked? This all has becoming too absurd to digest.  However, I tried to remain strong and continued my search for Al Ghazalli.

The brown envelope also introduced me to another location which is known as Burswood. The brown envelope also includes a satellite image and a map of the area. By know I badly need someone in Perth to volunteer in helping me to search for Al Ghazalli. As you already knew, my Badak was intoxicated once and any Badak found intoxicated while on duty is as a good as dead. A ten-seconds-video of intoxicated Badak, post on the YouTube will bring disaster for the whole operation.

I am naming this operation as Da Ghazalli Code.

In pursuit for the elusive Al Ghazalli, we will need Malaysians to volunteer to follow my Badak whenever he is in Perth. Preferably our volunteer will be Malaysians who are currently residing in Perth.

We need to know my Badak’s movement in Perth. We need to know where he sleeps and where he goes for his golf goofing sessions. If he ventures into the casino, we need to get a copy of the close circuit television recording.

My Badak may be a double agent. He is armed and dangerous. In order to be effective, arm yourself with reliable video recording devices, all the time.

If you choose to accept this mission, I wish you all the best and good luck!