I am still on the mission to search for Al Ghazalli. My undercover fella who is one of the self-practice-doctor in Pulau Duyong briefed me on the where about of Al Ghazalli.

Below are the excerpts of the transcript.

Undercover Fella From the infos we gathered, Al Ghazalli is no longer in Pulau Duyong. Why don’t you cari Michelle Yeoh saje….

Sheih Rather leave her to Clack Gable. But where is Al Ghazalli?

Undercover Fella They say, if you wanna find him, you better follow the Badak LAH

Sheih You mean he is in Gong Badak?

Undercover Fella No… follow the Badak…. Not gi Gong Badak, mung ni pekak badak  LAH?

Sheih So this Badak… if it is not the name of a location, then he must a man… cannot be the real badak right?

Undercover Fella No worries, one of my own Badak already following the Badak LAH. Look at this satellite image. This is Perth, Australia. We believed our Al Ghazalli is somewhere there.


Sheih Any sighting of him there?

Undercover Fella Nope, but the Badak LAH always there la. Mung ni, tiap kali Badak tu said I have lots of work to do… dia teruih gi Perth la.

Sheih So this Badak traveled to Perth to find Al Ghazalli?

Undercover Fella He Airbus-ed his way to Perth….

Sheih So which part of Perth is where this Badak lives?

Undercover Fella Mung ni, your question should be, which part of Perth is where the Badak sleeps LAH. This Badak is real kaki tidur LAH, Sheih. Mung tahu, tengah jogging pung dia tidur LAH. By the way, this satellite image shows us an area call Swan River in Perth.

Sheih Okay, let us see the next slide.

Undercover Fella Ooops, the next slide is For Your Eyes Only. Even me are not allowed to view it.

So my Undercover Fella left the room. I am still staring at the brown envelope. Should I open it now?