Dearest Chai Kee,

Attached with this email is a copy of a letter by Che Din Bin Jusoh from the Ministry of Internal Affairs (source). Trust me, such letter never will come from any members of Kelantan State Government. In Kelantan, you can say what ever you want; whenever you think it is necessary to say so.

In your latest email to me, you asked about Anbalagan. How can I forget my buddy Anba. He is a good man. Anba has successfully runs an Indian Curry House in Pasir Mas.

Do you remember Liew Kim Peng? Yes the tauke. He used to run a pig farm in Kampong Beruk in Kelantan. I was told by Latif; Kim Peng now runs a chain of Non-Halal Restaurant in Kota Bharu, Rantau Panjang and Pasir Puteh. He even served Asahi and Heineken there.

Anba and Kim Peng had flourish under the current state government.  

Recently I met with Ong Kim Pang. He had left his construction business in KL and move back to Kelantan. He is currently one of the contractors working on the redevelopment of Kota Bharu. He took me for a ride in his brand new Range Rover, which he bought after successfully relocated his business in Kelantan. While having Nasi Daun Pisang at Anba’s restaurant, Ong proudly open the water tap and said, “Look, the water is flowing again in Kelantan”. Ong then insist on me to look closely at the quality of the water that flow from the tap. Yes Chai Kee. The water is real and it is crystal clear.

After the General Election 2004, I met Tengku Razaleigh and proposed to him a project I called Kelantan dot TV. I wanted to register the address in Tuvalu Island. Ku Li agreed to be on board with the project. He however proposed that I met Tok Pa to get the blessing. As Ku Li told me, Tok Pa shall be the MB of Kelantan, if anybody from the current government to ever cross over. Ku Li tried over and again to arrange for me to meet Tok Pa. Tok Pa seems not bother to meet me.

Then Ku Li tried to arrange for me to meet Annuar Musa. It has been two years since Annuar Musa said; meet me next week when I am in KL. The next week never arrived though.

Kelantan dot TV is a project to cater for the information flow from Kelantan to the world. It will be an online television that runs streaming visual of Kelantan through the net. By clicking to Kelantan dot TV, from anywhere in the world, you can see the all the videos of the beautiful location and tourist spots in Kelantan. Kelantan dot TV will also provide the cheapest marketing and promotion solution to all Kelantan’s products, budget hotels, resorts and hotels.

The best thing is, with my twelve years experiences in the film and broadcasting company, I basically can handle the contents for this Kelantan dot TV single handedly.

That was actually what made Kelantan dot TV not appealing to those two jokers. It is because it will be uncensored webcast source that provide the truth about Kelantan. Besides, it is not a profit-oriented project that means nobody will make any money directly from it.

Dearest Chai Kee,

Yesterday evening, I rang my mum. I told her, I was offered to work on what I know best, in Kelantan. I could hear her voice is full of joy. I just wish I am there to see her radiant face. I know she is now the happiest mum on earth. I hope god will provide me with ample time to prove to her that I can be his super son. Chai Kee, super mum deserved a super son, don’t you agree?

I told her, if the current ruling party retains the state government after the upcoming election, I will bring my kids and wife back to Kelantan and settle down there, at least until I received my doctorate degree. That was a double joy for her.

I hope god will answer her prayer and my prayer and I hope your prayer too shall be mine.