My dearest Chai Kee,


I am so glad to hear from you again. It looks as if fate clearly not on our side. I was in Taipei in early December, if only I knew then that you were working there, we could have plan something.


Chai Kee, do you believe in destiny?


Delighted that you came across my blog when you googled for Husam Musa. I guessed the speculation on The Straits Times in regards of a snap election soon in Kelantan has turn up the heat.




                                                                                                 Source : Jeff Ooi’s Screenshots



On Husam 


Yes, Husam was there during the funeral of the late Buddhist Chief High Priest of Malaysia and Singapore, Venerable Dr K. Sri Dhammananda Nayaka Maha Thera.

Yes, Husam is a cool dude as you put it.

Yes, Husam is Nik Aziz protégé.

Yes, the talk-about in town is Husam going to be the next Menteri Besar of Kelantan or at least, that is what the Kelantanese wanted.

Will Husam be appointed as Menteri Besar before state election; I am not able to comment on that. Will the ruling party in Kelantan appointed Husam as MB and called for a snap election? Well it is possible and why not. If they think, it will give them the advantage, than we are staring at the possibility of the state assembly election in Kelantan anytime from now.

Will Husam be a good MB? Well, we will never know until he actually becomes the MB. But one thing for sure, it is not hard to be better than the former BN government of Kelantan, which was, lead by the clown Mat Yaacob the Panglima Layu.

If you compare Husam with Pak Lah, my goodness, Husam is way ahead. Husam holds a first degree in economics, where Pak Lah failed to even qualify as a candidate in that discipline. I never came across any photo of Husam sleeping in public while Pak Lah, obviously the champion.

Husam is always on time for a meeting where Pak Lah is a disaster when it comes to punctuality.

So, if Pak Lah can lead Malaysia, why cannot Husam lead Kelantan?

Will Kelantanese accept Husam as their MB? I cannot see a reason why we, as the Kelantanese cannot accept him. Having him is already considered godsend. Having him leading us shall be a bonus.

On UMNO and the State Ruling Party 

Can the current ruling party win the next state election? Well, someone in 1990 screamed out loud that it would take 20 years before BN can afford to take over Kelantan back. 20 years will due in 2010.

Nevertheless, my argument is, why should we return the Kelantan state government to BN? Does BN Kelantan deserve it? Does Annuar Musa or even
Tok Pa deserve it? This two merely a bunch of jokers and do we want them to clown around the state like Mat Yaacob or Husein Serama? Didn’t we have enough?

The only bright leader that comes out of Kelantan’s UMNO is Zaid Ibrahim. But as usual, they themselves already butchered him long time ago.

Has the current state government being misunderstood? YES!

Has the current state government succeed in developing the state? YES and if you compared the current leadership with the Mat Yaacob regime before 1990, it is without doubt, the people of Kelantan had made a right choice since 1990.

Should Kelantanese retain the current ruling party in the next election? If Husam is the one who is going to lead us, I did not see the reason why we should not let the same party to rule us again.

Dearest Chai Kee,

For many years now, we the Kelantanese had been condemned for not electing UMNO into office. I just wish they can be truthful to us and openly let us know why we should actually vote for UMNO. Why?

UMNO had proven a failure in Kelantan. If this jokers care to remember, it is not the Kelantanese who voted UMNO out but it is they themselves in 1990 and it is also they themselves whom in 2004 created their own internal problem and as a result, they missed their best chance to return to power.

And from today, for every step that Khairy Jamaluddin takes on Kelantan’s soil, will only mean UMNO will lose at least one hundred votes. For that, it means from the moment he steps out of the airplane and steps into the car, UMNO will already lose one state seat. On top of that, if Annuar Musa is going to stand as candidate, rest assured, UMNO will be history in the state assembly.

Dropping Zaid Ibrahim and Ku Li from Parliament Kota Bharu and Gua Musang will only, mean BN is reducing their majority in the Parliament.

Let Kelantanese decide what best for them. The decision is not for those in Putrajaya.

According to some sources, 5 million voters yet to register as electors. Out of that, only 10 percents are UMNO members. This mean if 4,500,000 unregistered electors do registered on time for the election; UMNO will be in grave danger.

Dearest Chai Kee,

If you could, please register as electors before 31st of this month. This will entitled you to vote on the next election if it is being held by the end of this year.