Rocky’s Bru is now a millionaire. Congratulations, and not just to Rocky but to each and everyone who support the blogosphere.


When NSTP and the gang of four sued Rocky and Jeff, we know it is our biggest challenged so far and we clearly understood the game they played.  

What the government, gang of four and even we ourselves did not anticipate was the fact that the court case proved to be the catalyst in uniting us.


Although I may never be brave enough to share what actually happened during that surreal week, it is enough for me to say that Rocky remained very calmed through out the week. Rocky constantly in contact with me during that week to lend his supports and motivates me although he was the one who was staring at the uncertain destiny.


Rocky ardently talked about unity and what it can do to us, bloggers and commenters.


Two week before he was sued, I met Rocky for the first time, illustrating to him what happened during my disappearance act in December. He made me believe that I should continue to do what I do best. He made me feel that I was needed in the blogosphere.


From time to time, he cheered us fellow bloggers by diverting the traffic from his site to our blog.


So my fellow bloggers and commenters, as we celebrating the one million hits on Rocky’s site, let us not ask ourselves what can Rocky contribute to us, but what can we contribute to Rocky. Why not we start by pursuing Rocky’s dream of having an alliance for all bloggers, a reality.


This alliance is not virtual. This alliance is for real!


p/s Thanks to Kata Tak Nak for the info on The Rectum Slicer. Further info on the sword click here and here.