ET goes home. Suddenly I remembered the days I was in Paya Rambai and lying on my back watching ET.


I missed Kelantan a lot. Everything has change though. Those people whom I used to admire, either had died or too old to remembers me. All my friends have moved on with their lives. Even if we meet again, it will be hell of a different.


But I still have my mum there. She will always welcome me back to Kelantan. My granduncle is still the MB of Kelantan, yea ha ha! Good. Ku Smail is still the Al Sultan of Kelantan. Okay, at least there still are few familiar faces there. So I may pack my stuff soon, tender my resignation letter and wossssh off to Kelantan.


Nevertheless, I hate rushing into changes. However, as they say, if you have to go, you have to go. There are certain things that you control and certain things that are beyond yours.


When I told my wife that I am going back to settle down in Kelantan, she stops speaking to me for few days. She made up her mind about not following me. When I told my kids that I am to considering a career move to Kelantan, they are jumping happily. They are like me, we love small town.

I fully understand the risk I am taking. As one of my sister told me, what is life without the risk? I have talked to Zorro and Rocky. Zorro loves the idea of me being closed to my mum. Rocky meanwhile sees a future for me there.

So, off me go! Adios – ing myself to Kelantan.


Eh wait….