It is no secret that I idolized Husam Musa. Nevertheless, I haven’t met him in person before until one night over phone conversation with Bro Bakaq of Penarik Beca. I told bro Bakaq that I really like to shake hands with Husam. Bro Bakaq offered Husam’s mobile number to me but I refused to accept. Even if I accepted it, I would not dare to give Husam a call.


YB. Datuk Paduka Haji Husam Musa called me just before Friday prayer last week. I was shocked. As a result, yesterday; I shook the most elusive hand in my career as filmmaker. Yup, I shook hand with actor Collin Firth, I shook hand with Director John Woo and I shook hand with Award Winning Executive Producer Mike Harris. But that particular hand, which belongs to Husam Musa, was one thing that I only dare to dream.

Of cause, there is nothing special about the hand.  Husam too is a simple man, not like most UMNO politician that I have came across, not even like most PAS politician too. Husam, which I analyze within the half an hour where I managed to do some scanning on him or he the one who did the scanning on me, is a very quite and honest in portraying who himself. He is not Mohammad Sabu kinda person who will talk about the world when you only asked him about the needle. Husam is not Haji Hadi whom people like me will run a marathon away to keep the respect.

Husam reflects a lot of Ayah Zit’s personality in his humbleness and vision. Of cause, I am talking about Ayah Zit who I knew before 1990. I only met Ayah Zit once, since he became the MB and that was way back in 1998. We were seated in the same row on the flight from KB to KL. That was the first time I saw Husam. The manner Husam made his way amongst the crowd at the airport amazed me. He has good speed and he was at that time very aerodynamic.

Husam Musa, the blogger, the Vice President of PAS, The Member of Parliament of Kubang Kerian and The Member of State Legislature of Kijang, is still maintaining that good speed and aerodynamically successful in maneuvering between the conservatives in PAS.

My parting words for him was, “Thank you for giving me the chance to shake hand with you, I told myself, I need to shake hand with you before your become The Menteri Besar of Kelantan”.

Husam Musa, never the case of Foot in Mouth disease.