It has been a while seen I last watched the 8 o’clock news on TV3. Nevertheless, on the 6th March 2007, I eagerly waited for the news.

Before that, I finished my apology poster for Pak Lah and emailed it to Susan Loone to ask her opinion on it. I wrote to Susan; if Pak Lah actually did deny that he is married than I felt obliged to apologize. I have even drafted an official apology letter and emailed it to my legal adviser to take a peep at it.

“Rumours… Rumours!” “Rumours…. Rumours…. Rumours… Rumours”, that was all what TV3 screened of the matter. Pak Lah looked younger than he was few months ago. He looked more relaxed and he looked more jovial. No signed of him angered by the question. Neither he looked disturbed nor did he look uncomfortable answering it. He was indeed, looking more as the feel good man. He never looked happier even when he was talking about the trillion Ringgit economies a month a go.

Now he made it really difficult for me. Why Pak Lah did not deny the rumours. We all know it is rumours. What we wanted to know was whether it is true or not. As Pak Lah not wanting to answer the question, I was left with no choice but to repeat this again, at this particular instant, I can only assume that the speculation is true until it is proven beyond reasonable doubt, fictitious.  So what is rumour? I leave it to you to define it, however, this site might be able to ease you a bit.  

According to Cambridge Dictionary Online, rumour is an unofficial interesting story or piece of news that might be true or invented, which quickly spreads from person to person. My understanding is, when Pak Lah’s answered the million dollar question by just saying it is rumours, he was saying it might be true or it might not be true. We all entitle for our personal opinions, so I leave it to you. 

Meanwhile, I would like to share a bit of sentiments from the kickdefella’s readers. We all without any reservation agreed that a marriage is a good thing. We even felt that Pak Lah should be married. We definitely are going to support his decision to take a wife. We can even help to propose to any of his selected candidate.  Me, myself and few other bloggers who are good at graphic are willing to design the invitation cards, the congratulations banners and other publicities items for the marriage, free of charge, so the government need not fork out any money for it. We are proud of our Prime Minister. We are also glad to served the nation upholding the dignity of the Premiership. 

Nevertheless, we will equally respect his decision if Pak Lah chose to remain a bachelor through out his Premiership. Having said that, Pak Lah should know who is the boss. We, the citizens of Malaysia are your boss. You are answerable to us. Keeping it from us, is an act of insubordination. 

Whether Abu, Ah Chong and Balan are married or not is a  personal matter. However, in regards of an elected leader of the democratic country, it is not.  

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