“The highlight was when Mani from The Sun asked Pak Lah whether he got remarried. Pak Lah just laughed it off but he NEVER said ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The Star’s SMS service flashed that he denied getting remarried. Misleadingnye. So it remains a rumour, Pak Lah confirmed it’s a rumour and that’s it – a freakin’ rumour. lol. I was reminded that some rumours have truth in them so keep a look out for them. I must say that that was a happiest laughter I’ve seen come out of our PM, ever!” – Politikus

THE STAR March 6, 2007

PM: Reports that I’m remarried just rumours

KUALA LUMPUR Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said reports on the Internet that he had remarried were only “rumours”.

The Prime Minister, who was asked the question after attending the Bank Negara board of directors’ quarterly meeting Tuesday, said, “It’s just rumours, so only rumours, lah”.

Speculation that Abdullah had remarried or was about to do so has been rife after recent postings on the net, especially after one blogger published a fictionalised movie poster with a picture of the Prime Minister posing with a certain “lady”.

Subsequently, the blogger posted his “wholehearted apology” which stated, among other things: “At this particular instant, I can only assume that the speculation is true until it is proven beyond reasonable doubt, fictitious.”

P/s: received this news clip from Susan Loone at 7.00pm today. A posting will follow later. thanks.