Since the Band of Bloggers burst into the scene, we’ve been asked if Bloggers United supports them. Our stand is very clear.

1. We support all efforts to support freedom of expression and free speech, and those who come together to support Rocky and Jeff Ooi;

2. We recognise the diversity of blogs out there with a multitude of opinions on a variety of issues – some are political, some are not. However, inspite of each blog’s agenda, we are happy if bloggers come together to defend theirs (and others) freedom in blogsphere;

3. We do NOT represent anyone, you are free to make your own choice, whether to support this or that blog, whether to take this stand or that stand, whether you are UMNO, MCA,MIC, PAS, DAP or Keadilan, any party in Sabah or Sarawal, or whether you are partyless, whatever skin color or creed you are, Malaysian or not Malaysian, or somewhere in between;

4. We may not agree to everything you say, but we will defend your right to say it. However, if what you say is detrimental to our cause, we will defend ourselves with debates. We are not being emotional or personal, but if you choose to cross the line, we are at the front line;

5. We will NOT impose our ideas on others, we call for support, but we will not force you to support us if you do not want to. The space is free, and so is your choice. Do not let anyone compel you to do otherwise; 

6. Most of all, we promote responsible blogging and will take responsibility for all our actions. If we are wrong, we will apologise, if we are wrong, please feel free to refute, comment or advice us. None of us is above the other; and none of us is above the law.

Susan Loone and Sheih Kickdefella