I want to apologize to Jean Danker explicitly if my two posters hurt her feeling. If she really married or going to marry our Prime Minister, that is not the right manner to welcome her.


Dearest Jean,

Please accept my wholehearted apology. At this particular instant, I can only assume that the speculation is true until it is proven beyond reasonable doubt, fictitious.

Even though I dare not speak for all Malaysians, but at least for my reader and my family, I would like to say thank you for choosing our Prime Minister as your husband. We wish all the best to you and pray you will cherish every moment of it. For quite sometime now we were missing the woman behind the Prime Minister.

As I am told, you are of a great persona. Malaysians and The Prime Minister-ship of Malaysia needs that. Lend him all the support and care for him the best, for the reason that all your action will reflect back on us.

Please do not endeavor into self-promotion and institute your own legacy like what I have seen the late wife of the Prime Minister did. Be as Tun Siti Hasmah humbles and served the people as the wife of The Prime Minister, not expecting glory of her own.

Before your husband falls asleep, asked him, what good has he did to the people. Every time he wakes up, reminds him, his duty as the servant of the people. Over time, make sure he remembers that the people of Malaysia are not his servant. He is given the mandate to work for the people not to ask the people to work for him and his family.

Lastly, do remember this, you are not the luckiest lady among all Malaysians, but you are the one with the heaviest load. With that, Kickdefella and friend wish you all the joyous moment and pray for your happiness.

Again, if this speculation is false, I beg your forgiveness.

All the best to you and your daughters,


Kickdefella and friends, in Malaysia and the rest of the world.