I hope you had a wonderful holiday. Never a day past by without anyone asking about you. Wow! You had made such impact on everybody.


People always wonder what make me so fond of you. Well let’s not talk about touchy touchy stuff this week. We had enough of it to survive for the next one month.


This brings me to the notty Shanghai Fish who tagged me. Now I have to talk about six weirdest things about myself. So Monty, you can read it here to understand what this is all about.


Six weirdest thing about me,


Numero uno: I am not weird at all but everybody always said that I am weird. My executive producer named Raouf always said I am the weirdest friend he ever had. Cannot be. I think he is weird.


Second: This is again not weird but people said I am weird because I always had ikan keli for lunch the whole week then change to sambal kerang then back to ikan keli.


Third: When I am angry I do not turn green but I keep quite. I would not scold anybody but I will take revenge at them by torturing them. Once during shooting, one artist had to eat 4 bungkus of Nasi Lemak while I repeatedly ask her to do take after the other. As a result, 29 takes and 4 bungkus of Nasi Lemak. Nothing weird bout it right?


Fourth: I take bath 5 times a day. Every time I leave the house, I need to take bath as soon as I return. So once in the morning, once after back from work, once in the evening after playing football with my kids, once after going out to buy the bread and once after coming back from NPC.


Five: When I write my screenplay, I need do a lot of walking. My record was walking almost 40 kilometers in seven days while writing Persona Non Grata. It is good for health right?


Six: I befriend Monsterball. Everybody thinks I am weird because I can entertain Monsterball like no other on the net can. But again, everybody now thinks Monsterball is a cute fella right?


So am I weird?


Monty, some suggested I open a page in my blog for you so you can post your wisdom there. What do you think?


Now I have to tag six bloggers, lets see, mmmmm… (i) Black of Blackinkorea (ii) Mulah of Encircle By Six  (iii) A Voice of Another Brick in the Wall  (iv) Mob’s Crib of Mob1900 (v) Penganggur Terpaksa of Penganggurpaksa and lastly (vi) Bigdog of The Thirteen Million Ringgit Guy Rambles.


Okaylah, I tagged Clark Gable of Pulau Duyung  and Watch3r of Walk The Walk Talk The Cock in exchange of A Voice and Bigdog.


Anything weird about me choosing those bloggers?