Emy Gen-M proposed a futsal friendly between Bloggers United and the webmaster. I agreed to it.

Let us fix a date that all bloggers from all over the country can join in. Perhaps we can even have a round-robin challenge between Bloggers United, Malaysia Today, Gen-M, Malaysia Kini, Harakah Daily, Agenda Daily, KMU, UMNO Reform, Lim Kit Siang’s XI, PAS TV etc.

Any sponsors? What about streaming it live on Malaysia Today? 

The highlight of the day will be for the audience to kick a ball to the target. The target can be the cardboard picturing NST and the four.

Bloggers United management team

Manager  A. Kadir Jasin of The Scribe
Coach  Zorro of Zorro Unmasked
Physio  Clark Gable of Pulau Duyung

The Players

Goal Keeper

  Big Guy of Bigdogdotcom
  Zahrin Yassin of Sang Kelembai

Outfield Player

  Rocky of Rocky’s Bru
  Jeff Ooi of Screenshot
  Sheih of Kickdefella
  Mulah of Encircle By Six
  Shanghai Stephen of Shanghai Fish
  Hasrul Haliq of Surat Dalam Botol
  Walski of My Asylum
  Datuk Ron of Kuda Kepang
  SK Thew of MageP’s Lab
  Amir Hafizi of The Malay Male
  Nizam Bashir of Poetic Justice
  Mob 1900 of Mob’s Crib
  Muzamir of Blog Sangkut
  Penganggur Paksa and David Backham of Another Brick in The Wall and many more.

Any takers?