Hey Dollah,

Thanks for the reply to my open letter dated 16th February 2007.

Forest Gump’s mum always said, stupid do what stupid does. How true it is. I asked you to show me the money and in 17th February 2007 you reply by saying, “those who were previously worried about the country’s economic future are now having renewed confidence in our economy”. Is that so?

Or is it another symptom of your foot in mouth disease, speaking.

Is it truly a changing view? Are the people starting to feel good about the economy?

You claim you are a family man, so we do actually have something in common. Let me tell you what the economy is for a family man.

When I go to Pasar Borong Selayang every Sunday morning, Ikan Keli bersih under TDM used to cost RM 3.00 per kg. Since you last up the fuel price, it goes up by 50 cent. Chicken thigh used to cost RM5.99 per kg in Giant during early 2005. After mid 2005, the price fluctuate between RM7.99 to 8.99 per kg. A bottle of Ribena used to cost RM8.99 and now is up between two to three ringgit. A tin of 900-gram formula milk used to cost RM29.90 and now it cost me RM33.60 and I still have 2 kids on milk which then I have to spend 2 tins per week and is 8 tins per month.

What about my two kids who is in standard four and standard two? School fees plus all the PIBG’s fee, computer’s fee, Co-Curriculum fee’s and all other fees that make me think I have to pay for everything cost each of them RM200. This means I have to fork out RM400. Textbook plus those activities books for the eldest cost RM300 and for the younger one cost RM200. For one-way trip back from school, which is only 3.5 kilometers journey, the van charge RM70 each. Am I exaggerating the figures?

Nope. And yes, I am not yet finish. Last year I spent RM500 for two pair school shoes each, 3 sets of school uniform, 2 sets of school beg, stationeries etc. This year, I spent the same amount only to get two pairs of school shoes each, 2 sets of school uniform, 2 sets of school beg minus all the stationeries and minus the entire etc.

Full tank of fuel used to cost me RM80 now it cost me RM110.

So you bugger, where is the feel good economy? Where is the money!

I am used to live under a very good economy and I know how it is. You can never bullshit me. Where is the money?

Do we get increment to accommodate the uncontrollable inflation? No. We were lucky to even not being offered the VSS. Do we change our lifestyle? Yes we do. We even had to commit crime because of it. While you pirating the Mediterranean with your fishing buddy, we had to end-up buying the RM5 pirate DVD because going to the movie nowadays cost a boom. Yet, do you change your lifestyle or it is just another foot in mouth disease you are having do the talking.

Even my house rental has increase RM200 because the owner needs to tighten her ends. Where should I increase to meet my ends? Like my buddy philosopher keep repeating nowadays, semua barang naik , saya punya ‘barang’ saja tak naik. Well, as though you actually cares? You do not even have a wife to worries about, or do you?

Are we seeing the divorce rate increase due to your success in your economic regime? Definitely yes. You think it is easy to remain a family man when all these economic pressure pressing you each days? Sorry, this question is too bloody intelligent for such a fella like you.

Bottom line is, WHERE IS THE MONEY?