Hey Dollah!


I am not interested in your trillion-ringgit truth. I am not interested in your billion-ringgit profit. I am not interested your million-ringgit lies.

I am interested in only what is in my wallet. So where is the money dude! SHOW ME THE MONEY or I will show you the ballot-hell.

My ringgit has been devalued by your action. As a result, everyday my ringgit becomes less and less in value at the supermarket, at the pasar ikan and at the kedai runcit. Even my kids are complaining that their ringgit too can now buy fewer things at the canteen.

If you are the trillion-dollar man, why we who vote for you and the rest of the Malaysia had to bear with the increase of the petrol, diesel, cooking gas, water tariff, electric tariff, toll, roti dollah takde teloq, teh tarik, ikan, sotong. udang, infant milk, diapers etc etc.

Therefore, Dollah, what are you waiting for? Every time you said you have works to do, the next day you off for holiday. Every time you said, you are busy developing the country, the next day you off goofing at the golf course. As the result, I trust you are busy working on your holiday trips and busy planning of your golf’s goof. At whom expense is that?

Nevertheless, like the rest of my fellow compatriots, do not really care much about you any more, we just care to kick your butts out of Putrajaya. However, we are giving you one last chance, so SHOW ME THE MONEY LAH!

Less money for Petrol, less money for diesel, less money for cooking gas, water bill, electricity bill, toll, roti Mahathir, teh tarik, ikan, sotong, udang. Infant milk, diapers etc etc.

And as the trillion-ringgit man with more that 40-billion-ringgit to waste, we expect a free textbook for our kidos for 2008! Nothing less.

SHOW ME THE MONEY LAH! Or we show you the gate!

p.s –

I know you never read the blogs. My guess you are IT illiterate and a lazy bugger to ever learn the skill. So I am telling my readers, write what you want on the comments blog because your PM never reads the blog. His aides also never bother to print out the entire bad thing written to him on the net.