In the lovely movie, Cinema Paradiso, Alfredo relates to Toto the story about a soldier who falls in love with the princess.


The soldier tells the princess, now that I have seen you; I can never live without you. Stunned by what she heard the princess said, if you can wait for one hundred days and night under my balcony, I shall be yours.


The soldier did just that. He waited under the balcony without moving an inch. Be there rain or shine, thunder or snow, he waited truthfully for her. He waited with all the suffering because he knows the suffering of not having her will be worst. He waited until all his energy drained. He does not have any energy left to even sleep.


And, for all those night, the princess will stand by the balcony and watches the soldier. She knows he really love her. She felt very lucky to know someone so crazy of her and ever willing to do such a stupid thing.


However, on the ninety-ninth night, only few hours before the princess will be his, the soldier stands up and walks away leaving the princess disbelief by the balcony.


What make the soldier changes his mind? Alfredo left Toto to search for the answer himself.


Love is all about sacrifice. That is true. That is why love is so sweet yet painful. Perhaps you can still remember the first love of your life. Perhaps you can still feel the pain. I remember mine very well. I remember all those stupid things I did. I remember all those people that I enrolled into my most hated list just because they are trying to make me see the truth.  How dare they call it puppy love!


After the first taste of love, I had loved many others, most, for their looks, some for their style, few for their appearance, and many too for the size of their bras.


At the end of the day, I found a girl that actually loves me. I fall in love with her, because of the love she has for me.


But again, loves, like many good things in live, fades away. Sweetness turns sour over time.


After a year, Toto believed he found the answer why the soldier left. Toto tells Alfredo, by leaving the princess, at least the soldier knows for ninety-nine days and nights, the princess is waiting for him. For that, the soldier left with the illusion the princess is his.


However, if he waited for another day, the princess will be his, but who will know for how long they shall be together. The risk of the love to end miserably is there forever. After going through such sacrifices, this will be catastrophe.


Nevertheless, love can also be like a good wine, it will get better thru the aging process. I am never a wine drinker. I shall never know the taste of a good wine. But, I have taste a good love and it is addictive. It seems to get better and better over time. Be there rain or shine, good love last forever.


Let us talk love.

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