Jeon Ji-Hyun, Korean Actress 


Some said, it is easier to tackle a woman than to try to be loyal to them.

I say, woman is like a camera to a cameraman. You have to handle it with utmost respect, keep it close to you all the time, never let it out of your sight, eat and sleep with her by your side.  Because, a cameraman without a camera, is just a man. Nothing more.

What about a man without a woman?

No. I am not talking about Abdullah Bean Haji Ahmad.

What about a man with a woman?

Nope. Neither is I talking about Khairy Jamaluddin, nor am I talking about the hottest political gossip in town.

Every each and one of us, once, a Shah Jehan, loving Muntaz with everything. Every each and one of us, once Seri Rama fighting to get back Sita Dewi in Ramayana. But again, at the end of the day, there are too many Muntaz and Sita Dewi for us to remember.

At the end of the day, we said, set them free, and let them fly away. If she is ours, one day, she will fly back to us.

I once read, Francis Ford Coppolla talked about his marriage. From his word, I learned fighting to keep one is much sweeter than fighting to get a new one.

Valentine Day is around the corner. I never celebrated it, the legacy of being a kampong boy. Once, a girl asked me, why I never celebrate it? I said, when it come to female, everyday is a Valentine Day, so why should only celebrate it as one special day, when I been celebrating it 365 days a year. She dumps me, the next weekend after knowing that I been celebrating it with 12 different girls through out the last 52 weeks, seven days a week. Hey, those were the days, those days when your stomach is still flat and muscular and your hair is just a bit shorter than Rocky of Rocky’s Bru.

A colleague of mine once asked me, can a man, befriend a woman without thinking of sex? I look at her and immediately said this, TOUGH!. And she said, I knew it. Honestly though, sex is not the only menu between man and woman. Especially when politic is the main dish of the day.

So, when we talk about woman, there are many exciting things we can talk about and it got nothing to do with Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man U.

Than, why not we talk about woman?


Let us talk about woman. But only if you can talk like a gentleman. Who wanna start first?