“Emmm….agree with you .. Mohd Bakri …
Huhhhhh Sheih , you going to have damm a though time …. just wanna to remind you taht not everybody agree with you. Ardious bro……” Dr. Ardham

“La….rupa-rupanya budak kampung lupa diri……ingatkan siapa..kot -kot beranak kat London ke
US ke…. Buat film pendek saja kesan nya. Itupun sebagai graphic artis. wei…mu gi make budu banyok banyok dehhhhh…” – Mat Pasir Mas.

“U are a frustated man Sheih…….. just admit it. Dosn’t mean u have kids and wife or a happy family and a good job u can’t be frustated” – Lembayu

“Sheih perlu memikirkan juga perasaan penyokong Pak Lah, kerana mereka bukan kuda kayu yang hanya mampu melihat. You never know what they can do….Ini bererti Sheih menghina mereka , menghina semua ahli UMNO dan orang Melayu. Anum mungkin iban dari miri yang tidak kita ketahui bangsa dan agamanya” – Mohd Bakri Aminuddin

Yesterday at PWTC, a person who I proudly called a friend, whispered this, bro you dare post the poster of Pak Lah like that? I know he is very concerned about me. Since my posting of the song Inai di Jari by S. Jibeng, my email has been religiously flooded by condemnation.

Personally, I would rather they condemn me in the comment section on my blog. This will allow everyone a chance to read what he or she have to say. Some, mostly the milder version did actually post their point of view in my blog (read above).  Let me say, thank you. I welcome all sorts of comments from all sort of commenter.

As long as you neither vocab yourself with profanities nor engaging each other into free for all, the comment section is yours. Ask Akademi Monstersia and Monsterball. they are, time and again, the victims of my strict censorship. I have removed almost 50 of their comments.

The rules are simple, if you want to engage each other in free for all, go to the swimming pool with RPK. If you cannot scribe anything without using decent language, I cannot do much but to hit the ‘delete’ button.

When I was staying in Damansara, I often do my prayers in Masjid Mujahideen. I love the mosque because it is air-conditioned. However, when I moved away, Masjid Mujahideen is beyond the reasonable distance.

Somewhere in 1999, I got a chance to do my friday prayer there. I jumped in excitement. There is something about the mosque besides the chill air and that something definitely has to do with a girl. He he he. Nevertheless, that is very different story altogether. Ok-lah, let me do just a brief intro on her, she dumped me after we dated each other for six months. I have waited three years for her before our first date, and later, I waited for another six years before I dated some one else.

Back to 1999, I went to perform my friday prayer there and I was so frustrated. I have found that the mosque has been surrounded by people selling all sorts of vcds, cds, books and just anything that come with the title of Maha Zalim, Maha Firaun and Maha Paria etc etc. These activities is in open. No fear at all. No shame at all.

Since then, I decided to stay away from the mosque. I supported Mahathir yet I understand the feeling of the Anwar’s sympathizers. I bought the book, Shit. I stop reading it after the third pages because it is too hard for me to digest. Nevertheless, I respected Professor Shahnon for being able to express his emotion in Shit. During my varsity days, my Modern Arts lecturer defined a great piece of art as the work that reflects the emotion of the artist.

We live and breathe in a free country we call Malaysia. There is always alternative to things. If you cannot tolerate certain activities that is beyond your intellectuality, you have plenty other choices to make.

Ito, the soul brother from Blues Gang chose to turn politician during late nineties. He even made vcds of ceramah blasting Tun Mahathir. Nobody ever try to stop him. The Master Guru Nasir Jani, the only fella I have known to shout four-letter word on national TV, also turned into politics and crafted few very arty ceramah vcds which belasah Tun with no mercy. Nobody ever try to sue him.

Recently, we heard the Oxford son-in-law blasting some racist sentiments towards other Malaysian, those pro Oxfarts sees that as ok and reasonable.Those of you who claimed I have insulted UMNO sees the son-in-law’s action as insulting MCA and Gerakan as patriotic, and why not asked the MCA and Gerakan people how they feel about it?

Those of you who claimed I have insulted UMNO should not forget that I am still the member of UMNO. By insulting UMNO, I am insulting myself. I was the Youth Chief for my branch for two terms. I choose not to stand for the third term when I was 29 because I do not agree with the action on Anwar. However, I remain as a member and I remain loyal to Tun Mahathir until he retired because that is the alternative that I chosen.

Why not asked Marina Mahathir how she felt being associated with just any properties on earth that carries the name marina? Did she actually owned thousands of waterfront properties such as Marina Bay etc? Do you actually care how she feel? Did she ever sue people for claiming what they claimed?

I blog what I felt and I am no hypocrite. I do not lie and I neither think my reader are bunch of stupid blokes nor ever I look down at them. I do not made a single cents from this blogging activities.

Well, okay, I have insulted Abdullah Bin Haji Ahmad many times, so what? Abdullah Haji Ahmad had insulted me more than any Prime Minister that have served this country for the last 37 years had. So why I cannot insult him back?Abdullah has insulted me with his idiotic responds towards some simple and straightforward issues.

As I sees it, Abdullah is either liar or stupid. Nevertheless, someone that I really admired, said just this, Abdullah is not stupid, but he lies because he think we are stupid. If this perception is true, don’t you thing Abdullah Haji Ahmad had insulted the UMNO, the Malays, the Malaysians and God?

So, to my friend, my answer to you is this, should I be afraid? Is there a reason for me to fear for my safety? Could it be I am going to get punish for expressing my emotion in my work of art?

If Tun whom being branded by certain quarters as dictator never taken any action against Ito and Nasir Jani, why should Abdullah Haji Ahmad who loves western civilization and strong believer of freedom of expression and transparency, take any action against me?