Every story is build within three structures. The opening, which consist the introduction and setting up, the middle, which consist all the conflicts and the end, which consist the resolution.


How a writer going to manipulate his narrative, is one creativity.


If I am going to write a screenplay on what is happening, I shall open my screenplay with the scene at the Kota Bharu airport where TDM was viciously sprayed with a CS chemical.


Than the introduction will follow. Some believe the story’s climax was when TDM check in at IJN, Razak Baginda checks in at Bukit Aman and Najib Razak quietly gasping for breath during the last UMNO assembly. I stood disagree.


The whole scene is not a build up towards the climax neither it is the turning point nor a plot point of any of the three act. Those incident above is just the setting up of what to follow.


The build up of the towards the first plot point in the first act is when NST filed a defamation suits against two of the nationally known local bloggers and make them International star.


The turning point of the whole act 1 (the beginning) is when We, Malaysian bloggers walk with our sarcastic smile in front of Wisma Denmark on the 30th January 2007. That was the incident that we call the turning point. That incident going to change the whole direction of the story. That is the end of the beginning.


Now, we move into act 2, the conflicts. The act two will officially starts tomorrow, Sunday 4, 2007, 12.30pm at Helang Room, Legend Hotel Kuala Lumpur. For artistic reason, the opening of act 2 will feature the same main player, Tun Dr. Mahathir, whom the whole sub-plot revolves.


How will our act 2 end? I do not know. What is the incident that going to be the turning point of the conflicts which will again change the direction of our story? I am not sure.


For that, please do not ask me how this whole story will end. Please do not ask me what is the incident that going to be the climax of the whole story. Nevertheless, I can explain to you what climax is.


Climax is the last piece of the puzzle. During climax, we will reach the Everest of the story. From that pinnacle we can look everywhere and understand why things happen the way it happens.


Climax will be followed by catharsis, the purging of emotion that will flow and leave us trying to rationalize the whole story. During catharsis, shall we regret having the climax? Hmm, only time will tell.


Dr M Soldiers On.