Dearest bloggers, lurkers and instigators,

Do not! I repeat, do not shoot yourselves on the foot! Only the fools will do such a despicable act. 

Do not shoot yourselves on the foot, as you will need it tomorrow. Instead, go get reflexology treatment, clip those nail nicely, polish your shoes and go to bed early tonight.

Walk With Us tomorrow. 9.00 am Wisma Denmark, Kuala Lumpur.

This invitation is to all including Monsterball, Yusof, Firewall, Hasilox, Penarik Beca, Ucop, Lubok Melayu, Hasrul Haliq, Akademi Monsteria,  Monsterball Frein, A Voice, Muzamir Ismail, Ucop, Kalimullah (?), Kingbinjai, Shar 101, Mulah, Mat Rempit Hubris, Mob1900, Anarkis, Zorro, Hani, Kittykat46, El, Tala, Jentayu, Abu Garcia, Ouch!, MikeMont, Black, Penganggurpaksa and all the Anonymous-es. And you too, Cherie!


p/s : Dearest Merton,You are always welcome here brother. You wrote in my blog that you are a Muslim, well, I am a Malaysian and I will always welcome you, even to my house if you choose to. Just hushmail me at, I will give you the address.

Well, just like Prophet Muhammad, I will even welcome anyone even Jews to my house and I am willing to let my guess use my bed if they need to sleep at my place. I can sleep on the sofa.
Bro Merton, you are a Muslim, I am just a Malaysian, so be like a muslim and do not jump the gun and make a conclusion that I do not appreciate you on my blog. Please ask around, as long as you do not create a fight here or use profanity, you are always welcome.

Safe journey back to where ever you going. Hushmail me okay.