The water is rising fast.


Every sane human being knows this phenomenon is not on the reverse. It rises every second. The authority managed to evacuate everybody including all the livestock. People are advice to take only what is important to them and the most important thing at this moment is only their life.


A small 200hp motorboat reach a temple where they found the water is chest deep. They saw a priest praying at the stairs of the temple. The captain of the search and rescue team shouted to the priest.


“Samy! Samy! Time to go. Stop praying, the water is rising fast. We need to evacuate you now!”


Taking a pause from his prayer, Samy smile towards the young Captain, “My son, you go. You go and safe others”.


“No Samy, we have evacuated everybody including all the donkeys as well. We come for you, Samy, let’s go”.


Samy still smiling, “My son, then go, safe yourself. I shall take care of God’s house and God will take care of me”.


With heavy feeling, the captain left. He knows if he stays there even a second longer, his 200hp motorboat will capsize.


As speculated, the water continues to rise like nothing the villagers have witnessed before.


In a distance, we hear the engine sound of a yacht. Slowly we see a 40-footer yacht closing to the temple. Three quarter of the temple is now below water level. On the roof of the temple, we see the priest deep in his prayers.


The priest prayer come to an abrupt end causes by the loud screaming voice from a loudhailer. We see the young captain holding the loudhailer and this is what he has to say.


“Samy, man of God, please I beg you to let us evacuate you. Please Samy. I even borrowed the Cobra Sultan from Pak Lah to safe you!”


The ever-smiling priest humbly recognised the beauty of the yacht. Nevertheless, only for him to say this, “My son, I am the man of God. Do not worry about me. Say hello to Pak Lah and let him know how honoured I am to be rescued by his Cobra Sultan”.


“However my son, Cobra Sultan or not, I am here to stay. I shall take care of God’s house, and God will take care of me…. Go my son. Safe the Cobra Sultan from all the debris. Go my son”.


Knowing the unfriendly phenomenon bringing along all the debris that can damage the Cobra Sultan and cost millions of taxpayer’s money to repay it, the Captain, broken-hearted, leave the scene.


Wave after the other, the raging flood shows no sign of subsiding. The whole temple is now below the water level.  Our Priest adamantly ties himself at the pinnacle of the temple, which is only two feet above the water level.


In a distance, we can hear a loud roar. At  first, the Priest thought it is the sound of the final blow. Nevertheless, as he looks closely, he saw an Airbus Corporate Jet is flying low encircling what is use to be the great temple. A rope is thrown from the Airbus.


This is followed by the familiar voices of the young captain.


“Samy, I come to rescue you. Pak Lah has allowed me to use his new Air Force One. I bring the premier decree to safe you from this unapologetic phenomenon. So please Samy, give me no more excuses”.


Even the ever-smiling Samy find it difficult to smile anymore. His muscle has frozen. His shivering but adamant as ever.


“My son, I am going nowhere. I shall continue to take care of God’s house and God will continue taking care of me, go my son, and waste no more taxpayer’s money on me. I shall live as long as God wants me to live!”


As the water keeps rising, the Priest has nowhere to climb anymore. Therefore, the priest meets the dead-end.


Nevertheless, our Priest goes where all priests before him had gone. In Heaven, the priest shrugged with disbelieves and demands to meet the God.


A meeting soon being arranged for the humble priest to meet his creator. After exchanging greeting, priest wasted no time in condemning the God.


“God, what is this? I have taken care of your house even when the worst happened but why you never take care of me?”


God smiles at the priest.


“My priest, I have sent 200hp motorboat for you. However, you refused. Thinking that I might have bruised your ego, I sent Cobra Sultan to take you to safety. Yet you still refused. Don’t you know how much taxpayer’s money the country has to waste to persuade you to take refuge? Yet, most merciful I am, I sent for the new executive jet for you. Damn! You still refused. What more you want from me?”


Well, with that we end the story about our loyal priest.


Please do not take this out of context. This is only a joke. YES, it’s a JOKE. Nothing has to do neither with The New Shit Team nor with Batu Talam by-election. Enjoy your weekend.