I heard my friend going to sing Fatwa Pujangga tonight, I’m waiting for the invitation. Perhaps I could test my pitching by singing this lovely song by Marc Anthony. Nope. This song is not dedicated to Cherie (Hi! Nice skirt), but this important song is for Abdullah Haji Ahmad, for his appetite to continue as the Prime Minister. You sure one hungry fella. No question bout your appetite!  

As I look into your eyes I see all the reasons why
my life’s worth a thousand skies

You’re the simplest love i’ve known
and the purest one i’ll own
know you’ll never be alone

My baby you
are the reason I could fly
’cause of you
I don’t have to wonder why

Baby you
there’s no more just getting by
you’re the reason I feel so alive

Though these words I say are true
they still fail to capture you
as mere words can only do

How do I explain that smile
and how it turns my world around
keeping my feet on the ground

I will soothe you if you fall
i’ll be right there if you call

you’re my greatest love of all

All my friends, what are you waiting for? Get the leave form signed and Walk With Us, Tuesday 30th Jan 07, Wisma Denmark.