The NSTP’s application for an inter-parte injunction against blogger  Ahiruddin Attan, also known as Rocky, was set aside as Judge Hishamuddin Yunus decided this morning to hear the application by Rocky’s lawyers to strike out NSTP’s libel suit first.



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Concern was raised by NSTP’s lawyers Cecil Abraham, Sunil Abraham and Rishwant Singh that some readers’ comments should be removed on the grounds that they are sub judice, The defendants will reply in a hearing fixed for Monday Jan 29 whether to contest the assertion. The comments under scrutiny are found in Rocky’s Bru  (CIJ report on today’s hearing). More.

On behalf of Bloggers United, I would like to thanks all for the support shown to Rocky during today’s proceeding. A special thanks to Emy, the real Perwaris Perjuangan Yang Belum Selesai.





Please post your support and word of encouragement to our superhero Rocky, only at Bloggers United Official page. 


Meanwhile in an attempt to challenge my faith in the freedom of expression, few patrons to this blog posted profanities. They maliciously targeted my posting MUHAMMAD WAS HIS LAST WORD. What they did not realise, I am able to track their IP. Nevertheless, my apology to my readers. My email is also under attack by the same party.


The manner things being conduct by this party clearly shown that an organize movement are trying to disunite us. My advice to all, to neither engage them nor reply to their posting. Please ignore them as we are ignoring NSTP. We are Malaysian. Let us stick as Malaysian! Do not let any party take that away from us.