Hey, Abdullah Bin Haji Ahmad, the Prime Minister for Malaysia. I am not going to disrupt my beautiful day by thinking so much of you. Therefore, I shall be very brief.


Mr. Abdullah Bin Haji Ahmad, from London you asked us the Malaysian Bloggers to be responsible, well for you information, we are bunch of responsible blokes. We prove that by being there for our buddy bloggers. United we are!


Now let me ask you to be responsible.

  1. Please demand a retraction and official apology from the Turkish Newspaper that you said publish lies about the Prime Minister-ship of Malaysia.
  2. Please stop passing the buck and as the Prime Minister you should say, the buck stops here!
  3. Please answer to all the question we been asking you.
  4. Please does your homework before you attend any press conference.
  5. Please do not embarrass us in Davos!
  6. Please behave in public by not falling asleep.

Abdullah Haji Ahmad, please also read herehear, here, here, here and here and answers all the question posted to you. 

Thank you Lah!

On more important note, all bloggers, read here and here for more information on tomorrows hearing for Rocky The Champ.


Lets Walk with The Champ! Unfortunately I could not be there because of my commitment. But I shall be able to make it for Jeff’s hearing.


My Champ Rocky, my prayers shall accompany you.