My dearest friends,


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Last week was a very hectic week. I have to admit, I started to fall asleep anytime I can, but only while driving or while online. Never in public nor while doing my work. Neither does Susan Loone have enough sleeps and this make me wonder where these extra energies did come from. Well, it came from all of you. Yes, from you!

Yesterday, Rocky drop me a message, asking how am I doing, my reply to Rocky was, “Bro, I’m surviving but managed to spend some quality time with the kids”.

Now, seems that I have declared war on NSTP, I need to gear up into the cyber-war mode. Luckily, it is guerilla warfare. To make it better, it is the virtual warfare. I have received tens of email requesting my account number to finance this cyber-war. I have received tens of comments pledging financial support. However, I may seems naively brave in declaring war against corporate giant, yet when it came to dollar and cent and other people’s dollar and cent, I chicken out. This can be scandalous if it is not properly handled. It can turn Kickdefella from hero to zero in a matter of seconds. No sir, please hold on to your cash. Let us wait for the official announcement from the soon to be appointed board of trustee. Until then, let the money make more money so we will have more to donate.

While each and every Red Devils celebrated Chelsea’s defeat in the war of Anfield, I choose to slumber myself reading C.C. Too – The Story of A PSY-WARRIOR. Sorry dearest Alex, please forgive me, let Maurinho knows that I shall be emailing his obituary to him soon.

As at this moment, my heart goes to the people who work in NSTP. Those kakak buat kopi, those makcik cleaner, those pakcik drebar and all my journo friends from varsity days. As Oliver Stone put it, The First Casualty of War is Innocence.

If we manage to take this campaign against NSTP to a level that it hurt them financially, those innocent people shall be the first victim. The Hindu God Muslim Priest (HGMP) and the rest of his buddies will survive. Nevertheless, that is always the case. Therefore, Kakak, Makcik, Pakcik and all my journo friends, in advance, I would like to say I am sorry.

Again, why not you join me in this cyber-war against your employer. Email me at, give me the inside information. I know you are with me. I know you are enjoying me making mockery of our PM. I know you share the same sentiment with me. Why not stick together with me in this cyber-war against your employer.

Please do not keep me waiting. The time has come to adios those jokers from NSTP.

Hey Kalimullah! Asta la vista dude!

 p/s — Sheih has created a permanent page – SAY NO TO NSTP – please give your comments, ideas and supports with regards to the campaign at the permanent page.