Dear Rocky,

If this going to be our last communiqué, then let the whole world know about it. Three years ago, I voted for today’s government. I sent them to Putrajaya hoping they will protect us as Malaysian. I sent those lawmakers to Parliament, wishing they would pass all the laws that will protect us. However, as it seems today, the law is rather to protect them against us.


Justice is for the people. Who worked to pay for the salary of The Prime Minister, the entire cabinet and all the lawmakers. Nevertheless now, for whom actually the justice belongs to?


My brothers and my fellow Malaysians, please forgive me for electing these backstabbers. I shall take the blame. I repent, but again, it is always too late. If hell is my destiny, this is the reason for it.


As I sat alone at night, as I slowly butchering myself over Marlboros trying to contemplate what I had done, I just wished, yesterday, shall be tomorrow, I promised you, it would make all the different. Again, what different would it make now.


As we live and breathe, we are witnessing the servant becoming the master. Those people whom we paid for their everything to work for us, has now dictate us. Are now working against us. Some say, better the devil than the deep blue sea, however I rather say, both is not good enough.


Rocky, may God be with us.

Sincerely yours,





Meanwhile, please enjoy the poetry below by buddy blogger Lubok Melayu,

pulangkan kepercayaaan ku

kembalikan, oh abdullah ahmad badawi
kertas ballot yang ku pangkah buat mu
yang ku pangkah dengan penuh harapan
bahawa gantian mahathir adalah
anak jantan yang
tidak akan
lupa daratan
yang tidak akan
lupa jasa kawan
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