Do our friends in the mainstream media busy preparing obituary on Najib? Yes, Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak. The son of our second Prime Minister. I always speculate that Abdullah is the one who is leaving. In fact, I wrote Abdullah’s obituary six months ago.

If Najib ever decide to leave, he is welcome to join us in the blogging world. I bet he will make a great sniper. Just like in the movie, Enemy at The Gates. Therefore, as usual, I would like my reader to get a copy of this movie. Watch it anytime convenient to you. In addition, there is a little boy named Sacha, put ourselves in Sacha’s shoes.

Memorable Dialogues,

Vasilli (Jude Law): In the forest, the wolf lives for three years and the donkey for nine.
Tania (Rachel Weisz): That must be a proverb from the Urals, it makes no sense to me.
Vasilli (Jude Law): The donkey lives longer because he’s more useful.