Saturday night, always a special night for Wef and me. Wef my second son, age 8, is a die-hard Man U fan. Since he knew how to surf the net, I seldom need to venture into Man U’s website anymore. He will update me with everything that I need to know about Man U.

Saturday night will be the night where both of us take-over the TV. I enjoyed that moment very much. It is the quality time for Wef and me. I hope not to repeat the mistake I made with Al.

Al is my eldest. Age ten and have distance himself into the MP4 world. My relationship with Al is always a father and son sort of thing. I took care of him since he is one. I was jobless at that time. As a result, a maid is considered luxury. Therefore, I took care of him from morning until he got to bed. I gave him the scar on his forehead on the opening night of World Cup 1998, which cost my wife RM3, 000 and me watching Brasil against
Scotland in SJMC Emergency Room. Perhaps, traumatized by the incident, Al hate football more than anything in life.

I clearly remembered one day when Al was a year and a half. He wore a shirt that my sister gave to him. The wording goes “One Day I Fly Away”. Reading the wording make tears streaming on my cheek. The moment Al looked at me; I covered my faced with both hands not wanting him to see me crying. Then Al came closed and said this, “Cak!” his version of peek-a-boo. I hugged him and could not stop crying. I cannot make myself to think that one day; Al will grow older and will leave me. Nevertheless, he just did it.

While Wef and me are united under the Glazer franchise, Al moved into the world of MP4.

Then came Guli. The star boy of the family. With his boyish look, I bet he will charmed his way into everything. He will definitely melt those female teachers, like what I often did. He he he. No worries of him. At four, he already can be considered the living encyclopedia of English Premier League. He will go to sleep at eight and wet his bed at six.

Meqna is the only girl. She’s the princess. At the age of 18 months, she already refused to share me with anybody. Besides, she is also the most expensive of all. Three days ago, I discovered that the price of her 900g milk had increased by RM 3.00. This is on top of the increased in the price of her diapers a month earlier. When she was a day old, I whispered to her, Abah will give you everything, the best that Abah can afford, because you are Abah’s only girl.

Of cause, I did not anticipate the Government would increased the price of fuel three times within 12 months. I did not anticipate the government that I voted for in the last General Election would be the insensitive government who knows nuts about managing the country. Of cause, I did not anticipate the Prime Minister to be an idiot who only bother about his son-in-law’s rice pot.  Of cause I did not anticipate the Prime Minister to be a scumbag and the worst of it’s kind.

Back to Guli, we will always have our breakfast together before I sent him for his kindergarden. I have stopped him from eating roti kosong. I rather share my roti telur with him. In fact, no more roti kosong for my kids. They must learn to appreaciate having telur and rather than not having telur. I want them to grow up being a Mahathir! Not takda telur like Pak Lah.

But again, at least, my kids still have the luxury to have roti telur when my fellow Malaysian in Johore cannot even sure what’s for lunch or will there be dinner for them through-out 2007. If we leave to Pak Lah, trust me, I am sure they had to expect the worst.

I am sure; there are plenty of Al, Wef, Guli and Meqna there in Johore. I am sure they are shivering in cold. I am sure, there are restless in insecurity. I am sure there are screaming in hunger. I came from Kelantan and I know what Bah is. May God be with them.

Again, to think of Pak Lah launching his brother’s Nasi Kandar restaurant in
Australia, while those affected with the flood are struggling to even cooked a decent meal is very sickening.

Again, to think of Pak Lah sleeping while launching the multimillion Eye of KL, when those affected with flood do not even have energy left to go to sleep, is very damning.

Again, to think of Pak Lah can easily released RM3 million to each of the UMNO division head when the RM500.00 he promised to those affected in flood is still nowhere to be seen. I am speechless.

Ya Allah! Please forgive me to hate this creation of yours. Please forgive me.

I see Al, Wef, Guli and Meqna as the future Malaysia. I see them. That is the reason why I did what I did yesterday. The Super Sunday. However, for Pak Lah, he only sees Kamal, Khairy, Nori and Brahim and he proved it.

Yesterday was a special day. Why don’t we make everyday a special day? Indeed, the special day is not for us, but for Al, Wef, Guli and Meqna. Because they are, what our life is all about. They are Malaysia and we are Malaysian!

Thank You Malaysian Bloggers. Bloggers Unite! No Fear!