The movie poster will return to Kickdefella in stages beginning from tonight. Please observe patience. It is not time to run riot yet.

The show will go on!

Patah Sayap Terbang Jua!


Meanwhile, please  get a copy of the above movie. Watch it over the weekends. The story develops from an interesting premise, If you want to be heard, you have to be a good listener. Forget about Brad Pitt. Think of Abdullah Bin Ahmad as the arrogant American who thinks the  world is spinning just to serve him.

Ba·bel [bey-buhl, babuhl] 


1. an ancient city in the land of Shinar in which the building of a tower (Tower of Babel) intended to reach heaven was begun and the confusion of the language of the people took place. Gen. 11:4–9.
2. (usually lowercase) a confused mixture of sounds or voices.
3. (usually lowercase) a scene of noise and confusion.