The movie title comes from Sean Connery’s statement, when asked if he would ever play Bond again after Diamonds Are Forever, to which he replied, never again.


Have you ever hear the story about the scorpion and the toad. This is how it goes. The setting is a swamp far from civilization, where live all sort of inserts, amphibians, reptile et cetera etcetera. One day, it is raining heavily and the water starts to rise. Most of the area is now under water.


Once supercilious scorpion, now crying for help as all other inhabitance on the swamp has made their way to higher ground. The friendly toad, hears the cries from the scorpion. The toad swims toward the scorpion and offers some help provided the scorpion promises not to sting the toad with its venomous tail.

The distraught scorpion without hesitation agrees not to do any harm to the friendly toad. With this, the toad suggests that the scorpion jump on to its back. The scorpion obeys and the toad starts to swim towards the other side of the swamp where they can see a higher ground.

The scorpion feels very secure at the back of the toad. With this, the scorpion fast coming back to itself. Half way over the swamp, the toad feels stinging sensation on its back, and slowly it starts feeling very heavy follows by the muscle becoming weak and joint feeling stiff. The toad now realizes that the scorpion had stung him.

In between gasping for breath the toad question the rational of the barbaric act, why you stung me? You swear not to. Now we together are going to drown. We both going to die.

True enough, the toad now mere floating and both slowly submerge into the murky water of the swamp. The toad keep on asking, why you have to do this! Why? Now we both going to die.

The scorpion is very confused yet he knows that his final act seals their destiny. Just before the scorpion dies, it says, sorry toad, please forgive me, I just cannot help it, it’s just me. It’s my nature.

With that, they both die.